1-230th ACS UH-60 Blackhawk Profile Print

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1-230th ACS UH-60 Blackhawk Profile Print


Custom designed, 16" x 12" profile print featuring the UH-60 and the Soldiers of D Troop, 1-230th who fly and maintain them.

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The print dimensions are 16" x 12". See below for text of narrative below the Blackhawk Profile.

"They’ve flown tens of thousands of hours, deployed to combat zones around the world, and performed countless missions stateside after some of the worst natural disasters our nation has ever seen. They fly out of the greatest state in the nation. For over three decades, Troop D, 1-230th Air Cavalry Squadron has proven itself one of the finest units in all of aviation.

The unit started its service to our great nation flying the UH-1 Huey as N Troop, 4/278th Air Cavalry Regiment until it transitioned to the UH-60A Blackhawk Helicopter in 1995.  In 2006, the unit was reflagged as Troop A 1-230th  Air Cavalry Squadron, then ultimately Troop D 1-230th ACS in 2008.  The UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter, one of the world’s most versatile lift platforms, and the Army’s workhorse with the widest variety of missions including deep insertion, MEDEVAC, air assault, Bambi bucket and hoist.

Manufactured by Sikorsky, the Blackhawk introduced a wide variety of technological improvements when it replaced the aging Huey. Entering service in June of 1979 it was immediately recognized as one of the most advanced helicopters ever made. It sported dual engines, run-dry gearboxes, a modular design that reduced maintenance requirements, ballistically tolerant hydraulics and flight controls, up-armored crew and troop seats, improved main landing gear, a crashworthy main structure, more robust main and tail rotor systems, and a ballistically tolerant, crashworthy fuel system.


Since it entered service the Blackhawk has proven itself more than capable in missions on every continent and in some of the most demanding flight and mission profiles in the world. It’s a nimble aircraft, with a pressurized fuel system and highly stable fully articulated rotor system that give it the ability to excel even in tremendously aggressive maneuvering flight. It’s also durable, with self-sealing fuel cells, rugged gearboxes and drive shafts all capable of withstanding direct hits from enemy fire without affect.

Troop D’s call sign, “Moonshine,” is a moniker that honors its place in Tennessee history. For decades, the unit has been serving its state and country in its backyard and around the world. The unit deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom to northern Iraq in 2004 and 2009.  During both of those combat deployments, Moonshine aircraft logged over 12,000 combat hours while maintaining an exceptional 75% Operational Readiness Rate.

Today, Moonshine’s pilots and maintenance personnel are the perfect representatives of Tennessee’s centuries-old history of volunteers, standing ready to serve from their base at Berry Field, Nashville. From disaster relief to fire response to providing critical lift capabilities for the Volunteer State’s Army National Guard, Troop D is well trained, exceptionally experienced, and fully mission capable."