1-230th ACS OH-58D Kiowa Warrior Profile Print

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1-230th ACS OH-58D Kiowa Warrior Profile Print


ORDER NOW! Custom designed, 16" x 12" profile print featuring the OH-58D and the Soldiers of 1-230th ACS who flew and maintained them.

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The print dimensions are 16" x 12". See below for text of narrative below the Kiowa Warrior Profile.

"For over 15 years, the men and women of the 1st Squadron, 230th Air Cavalry Squadron joined the long and storied history of the OH-58 by flying tens of thousands of hours in support of our great nation, both domestically and abroad. A, B, and C Troops began flying the OH-58D in 2000, becoming the only National Guard unit fortunate enough to fly them.

The newly transitioned Troops quickly answered the nation’s call to service with two deployments to Kosovo beginning in October 2003 through February 2005. In March 2009, the entire 1-230th ACS deployed to Northern Iraq where they flew 19,488 combat hours, finding dozens of weapons caches and eliminating numerous insurgents from the battlefield while providing reconnaissance and security, resulting in the Squadron being recognized as the highest OPTEMPO unit in the world. Buoyed by their combat success in Iraq, the 1-230th again deployed, this time to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom in February 2014, marking the very last OH-58D combat deployment ever. The men and women of the 1-230th ACS flew over 9,000 combat hours, constituting 45% of the task force’s flight hours although only representing 30% of the total aircraft assigned. While providing armed over-watch of Kandahar Airfield, pilots of “Omega” Troop were paramount in reducing the number of indirect fire attacks on the airfield by 87% from the previous year and were responsible for the successful elimination or capture of over a dozen High Value Targets within their Area of Responsibility.

The OH-58D amassed over 800,000 combat flight hours in the world’s harshest environments, making the Kiowa Warrior the highest OPTEMPO aircraft in the Army. But undoubtedly the greatest accomplishment of the OH-58D is that it was the most highly requested aircraft by ground force commanders in contact with the enemy throughout Operations Iraqi and Enduring Freedom. Ground troops preferred the support the Kiowa provided because they felt it was nearly on the ground with them, brandishing its weapons, daring the enemy to attack as opposed to fixed-wing CAS platforms that operated at altitudes that left them mostly unseen and unheard on the ground.

Despite these overseas deployments, the 1-230th never faltered in maintaining its responsibility as the nation’s “Citizen-Soldiers.” Members of the 1-230th quickly mobilized to Louisiana to support victims of Hurricanes Katrina and Gustav, deployed to the U.S./Mexico border in support of Operation Jump Start in 2006 and 2007 and closer to home, aircrews participated in search and rescue operations in remote areas of Tennessee and searched for illegal marijuana plants from the air in support of the Governor’s Task Force on Marijuana Eradication.

Whether providing armed aerial escort to Soldiers in the dusty haze of Mosul, Iraq or searching for a lost child in the green forests of Big South Fork State Park, for over 15 years, the men and women of the 1-230th ACS who flew and maintained the Kiowa Warrior truly lived up to the spirit of their Cavalry forefathers now joined by their beloved “KW” on Fiddler’s Green. They are the privileged few who declared, “Scouts out!” one final time after nearly five decades of dedicated service to the nation."