CW4 Dan Cole

1LT Thomas Williams


Yesterday, July 9, 2015, marked the fourth anniversary of the passing of our fallen brothers, CW4 Dan Cole and 1LT Thomas Williams, who died while on a training mission in East Tennessee. As we mark these occasions, we are reminded of a few things. First and foremost, we are reminded of the friendships and the lasting impacts these men had on us and everyone around them. Many people choose to wear bracelets or have tattoos of the names of their friends as a constant reminder of their sacrifice that helps remind us to live out their values every day of our lives.

We are also reminded of the inherent risk of the things that our nation has called us to do. Aviation is a dangerous business, yet it never deterred them from following their passions and making a difference in our world. They knew the risks, but still had the courage to answer the call.

Finally, we are also reminded of why we do what we do. Not just service to our state and our country, but hosting a humble car show. On the surface, it would appear that a group of individuals has just gathered together to have some fun and eat some good food. But it's much deeper than that. Every second we spend preparing for the car show and every penny that is raised is a reminder to us and all of our guests that our time here on earth may be limited so what we do with it is vitally important. So one day a year in September, we are honored to not only have a great time with our friends and family, but also to remember our friends and family that are no longer with us.

To the families of all of our nation's fallen heroes, we hope to honor you and your loved ones by hosting a simple car show. Thank you for your service and sacrifice.