Alyson Greene

You've read about Kimberlie Helton, Sarah McBride, and Abbie Bayless. Now our fourth and final musical guest we are excited to have performing for us is Alyson Greene! A West Tennessee native, Alyson has been signing on stage since she was just six years old. She's as comfortable with a guitar on stage as she is walking down the street and her performances on stage will absolutely get your rocking! You'll be asking for her autograph and telling your friends you heard her live before she hit it big!

Alyson has written and co-written dozens of songs on just about anything you can think of. She even wrote a song about texting and driving for the State Highway Safety Board. Just a few weeks ago she stopped by our facility and sang a few of her songs plus some of the covers she does and had a room full of Army aviators and crew chiefs with jaws dropped by her powerful voice and skillful guitar picking.

Alyson is scheduled to be the opening act starting at 10AM so you'll want to get here early to get a front row seat (or parking spot). Check back soon for the last few updates leading up to our second annual Fallen Aviator Car Show!

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